Weirdo Creator, Tony Weaver, strives for better representation

I woke up this morning to a post on Facebook about Tony Weaver, a young entrepreneur and educator, who has done something wonderful and is an inspiration to me in my old age.

Photo: Bob Gore - Forbes Magazine article: ‘Weirdo’ Author/Educator Tony Weaver On Why We Need Better Representation Of Black Humanity.

Not only is it a sentiment that I agree with and trying to accomplish in a similar way, but it is great to see that I am not trying to walk this path alone. It is still daunting, but a little less so when others have done something similar already.

There is Melanite Entertainment all around, it isn't at a level where we can easily access it yet, but with men like this, and with the work I'm doing, I'm hoping that the moment comes sooner rather than later.

I'll be sharing more thoughts on this later, but wanted to spotlight someone already out there doing great work.

To read the full article by Rob Salkowitz for, CLICK HERE.

Also, visit Weird Enough Productions and his Facebook Page

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