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Court of Crimson Table Read

In episode 5 of Making Melanite, you got to listen to the first table read that I've ever done with a script I did for school (you can listen HERE if you haven't already). At the end of the episode, I mentioned that the script was one of the earlier drafts. I promised to put the same ten pages of the new draft up so you can see the difference and read the descriptions I gave a potential artists.

I am proud of the changes and feel the story flows better. I think it also gives readers a better sense of who the characters are and the world they live in. Does it still need work? Of course, no story is ever truly finished.

I did rework the first issue as an audio drama and intend to present it as a table read to complete that part of the story for anyone interested.

For now, the first story arch of Court of Crimson is done and I have an idea of where the second one will go, but I needed to leave the land of Enzien for a while and create more worlds and universes. CLICK HERE to read the first ten pages then come back and let me know what you think of the changes and which character you felt drawn to.

Till next time! Keep creating #melaniteknights!