Azure Origins: Azure Dimension and the Obsidian Universe

Their form and names are lost to time and infinity. They are simply known as The Divine Light and The Universe, Progenitors of Ether.

Before time took hold as a concept, Ether met Form and they created the Azure Dimension.

While Divine Light and The Universe fell back and enjoyed their time together. Ether and Form continued to add to the new dimension, eventually the inevitable happened, and they gave birth to over thirty-four thought-forms⁠; energy capable of individual thought, but without a body.

After eons of acting as children often do, those forms grew into what other beings throughout the cosmos would consider adult and set off separately to explore their surroundings.

One form found itself further and exposed to far more than any of the others. By the time these forms gathered again with their parents, Ether, and Form, he not only had a gender but a name,Tedros.

Tedros eagerly explained all he had done and seen. He taught other forms how to create their own forms and genders. Eventually, he ended up with nine brothers and ten sisters who then, left to explore again.

Tedros remained awe-inspired from all he had seen and began to chronicle his adventures for no other reason than to have a personal record of where he had been⁠. One day he received a visit from his sister who had now taken the name, Ty’isha. In her travels, she stumbled across a dimension powered by energy so vast, so great, and brought it back to show the others.

It took some time for the others to return home. In the meantime, she taught Tedros everything she knew. Eventually, an idea began to form between them and, when their brethren returned, they taught them how to harness the energy floating around to create a fountainhead of power that could create universes within their own dimension.

They paired up and over several eons, Twenty Primal Stones were created however, the forebears miscalculated, and the power was too strong. Stones cracked, others fractured, and some had to be remade all together. Eventually, the one who had taken the name Americk came up with an idea to create vessels strong enough to siphon energy and use it to help ensure that these new universes ran smoothly and efficiently.

After Americk’s teaching, each pair created two Vanguards capable of harnessing great power and acting as guardians and protectors to their respective Universes.

With everything settled and power running smoothly, the children of Ether and Form agreed to leave their creations and check in on them twenty eons⁠ later. Over that time, through an exchange of ideas, several brothers and sisters would collaborate, return to their creation, and introduce new elements into their universe. At one such gathering when they were all together, Eran, along with his sister, suggested an experiment; a contest if you will. Allow the universes to grow, live, and become their own and see what would become of them at their next gathering. They all agreed, set up their experiments, and left again to explore.

When they returned and examined their creations their universes were very similar but vastly different and developing and varying stages. This excited all of them and they agreed to continue and even introduced elements of their brother and sister’s experiments into their universes. Then, they agreed to set off and find The Divine Light and The Universe and show them what they had done. They agreed that they would return sixty eons later with or without their progenitors to check on their experiments and let The Divine Light, The Universe, Ether, and Form judge the best.

The last one to leave were Tedros and Ty’isha. Tedros wanted to keep tabs on their experiments even while they were away and knew if given the option his brother and sisters would want to as well. Tyisha suggested that they be the caretakers of all of them. She took guardianship of all of her sister’s experiments while Tedros took guardship over his brother’s. They created messengers, Cravens, that would be capable of carrying messages to the other forebears and left behind guardians to watch over then, Chimeras, when this was done, they left instructions not to interfere.

Tedros and Ty’isha’s whereabouts among the dimensions and universes are unknown, as with many of their siblings. The universes and worlds of powered by the Obsidian Primal Stone and under the protection of Vanguards Tamro and Tocara continue to thrive.

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- Theophilus Lamar


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