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Part of the Terran Universe

Xander took a deep breath to slow his thoughts, which wasn’t easy when you were plummeting eighteen stories and the pavement was rushing up to meet you. He didn’t know if the women falling with him, Dominque, he remembered, had a plan but he couldn’t wait. He tapped into an old part of himself that he hadn’t used to this degree in some time. In his mind’s eye, he saw it flickering and flickering.

“Come on!”He focused more of his mental energy into the spot between and just above his two eyes before it roared to life and he gained control of his decent. On instinct, he flew up and over and caught the woman by the waist and she continued to fire upwards towards the window they fell from.

She grunted as his arm came in contact with her waist but he held her tight, curved and pushed that old internal engine into overdrive and speed up.

She screamed in his ear, “Gaaaah,” then through gritted she shouted, “left then three blocks, turn left…garage…four times…he...he may even be waiting for you.” The last part was weak and what seemed like humor laced in it. He barely heard it and was turning around to clarify, when he looked down and saw she was passed out, blood rushing out into the wind and down his arm one of those bullets hit its mark. Which wasn’t surprising with how many there were.

He maneuvered himself so he could grab her legs and slowed then titled his focus left and speed up once out of the turn. Looking down it seemed like a flesh wound to her neck and another one to the shoulder, but he couldn’t be sure till he landed and he couldn’t land because he didn’t know if they were coming after him. He had no goal other than to put as much distance between him and whoever was after him. His best bet, he thought, was to follow the directions his passenger whispered. wasn’t about to do that now.

Dominque groaned again and he looked down to make sure she was okay but by the time he looked up and around he realized he had flown longer than three blocks, she told him to and had to swing around. He had no clue what he was looking for when he got to wherever it was they were going, but he hoped he would know it when he saw it. Find a garage, he shouted at himself. Then the last part of her message came back to him, “he may even be waiting for you.” He hoped she wasn’t pulling his leg earlier because all he had to do now was look for Kevin. He lowered himself so that he could see better and out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw someone. When Xander looked closer he saw a middle-aged woman get out of her car carrying plastic bags and move towards the front of what seemed like an old hotel that had been turned into apartment buildings. Figuring that wasn’t who he was looking for the scanned left and saw several upscale apartments this time with garages.

Then a sleek black van screeched to a halt in front of one of them and a garage door opened and out scampered two kids followed closely by a man carrying two duffle bags. All at once two conclusive waves of emotions hit him both full of fear and worry and both familiar.

Xander had already turned and was flying down towards the van. The doors had barely shut before it was shooting off towards the street. He had to pour on the speed to overtake the car which was really pushing him to the limit. His telekinesis was like a muscle and it knew what to do but it had been a while since he had used it. It was a gateway to other abilities he would rather not deal with, but the door was open now. He promised himself he would shut it again, but even as he thought it, there was a dread that he may not be able to close the door this time. He pushed it out of his mind and focused everything he had on where he always felt his abilities resided and peed up and overtook the car, that was about as fast as he could go.

It was finally a relief to slow down and land in front of the truck, who to the driver's credit, and slammed on the breaks as soon as he had overtaken the car. His head was throbbing and as soon as his feet touched the ground he not only felt the weight of his passenger but the effort of carrying them both for the last however miles it was from his office.

Two doors opened but his knees buckled, and he had to focus to make sure they both didn’t hit the concrete. When he focused on the van again, two figures were crossing in front of the headlines casting them in shadows and kneeled in front of him. It was there that his muscle, pissed from lying dormant for all this time and forced into work started to protest.

The result was everything going in slow motion then lurching forward. All the while his perception was drifting in and out. He heard both of the men, they were men, call his name. The man on his left caressed his cheek. The one on the right as stroking the back of his neck and his other hand was holding the female’s. His perception lurched forward and when it had focused again he was being half carried, half drug past the passenger side of the van. His hands now free. He looked up to see the other man in front of him. He reminded him of someone, then he heard one of the men call out, “Donetta, open the door,”

His perception lurched forward and he saw two children looking down on him and someone at his side. He turned his head to look at the person when he lurched again.


The next time his eyes focused he remembered having to open them. The area behind his eyes was throbbing, but he managed to sit up and look around with some effort, as soon as he did. He felt some hands on his shoulders.

“Easy Xan,” he rubbed his back. “You never told me you could do that!”

“Never told me either.” The second voice came from behind him and, similar to the first, had a bit of awe in it and then it hit him.

His mind skipped over any logical question and fixated on how in the world did these two meet and why were they involved with this, whatever THIS was.

Kevin was working over Dominque, his green eyes darted from her and back to him as if was waiting on something. Then Xander remembered he asked a question.


“You sure you’re okay?” He had heard that tone in his voice many times it was more than average concern, there were a need and desire to it.

“I’m good, Su—, “ He caught himself and then looked to his right. “What are you two doing here?” He addressed his question to Colton.

Colton had a gotcha look on your face and grabbed him into a hug and pulled him in. Then, low enough so Kevin wouldn’t hear, “I couldn’t lose both of you!” Xander began to rub his back reassuring him and looked over to Kevin who chose that right moment to look up and meet his eye. He saw amusement and understanding which made him wonder how they could understand what was going on if he couldn’t.

He didn’t want to but he pulled back and turned and looked about both of them and, again, without realizing his tone and body shifted without him realizing it, but he used to this transformation happening so he settled into it quickly.

“Both of you, what is going on!” The power behind those words was enough to make Kevin’s eyes cast down and Colton’s blue eyes to squint with respect and admiration. He was so tempted to grab him by the neck and kiss him, but too much was going on. Kevin broke the silence first.

“She didn’t tell you?” He didn’t look up but continued to dab her forehead. It was only then that he noticed that she had been attended to and her wounds had a white gauze with blood still seeping through.

His toned softened some as he struggled to remember what she did tell him before he went flying out the window. “Something about, “we’ve been compromised…” Then it came back and he spun around.

The van was parked in the middle of two banks of outside storage units. He heard voices coming from the van which he figured were the kids. He looked around and they seemed relatively safe. There wasn’t any noise from the city, so they looked like they weren’t near downtown. He spun back around.

“How did she find out,” he wasn’t successful in keeping the accusatory tone from his voice.

Kevin hung his head, sighed and met his eyes. “She knew. I don’t know how, but she did.”

Xander took a step away and tried his best to remember the conversation, but the throbbing in his head prevented him from focusing. Then, Colton was at his side.

“She really should tell you, Xan.” He whirled on him and was about to shout but instead grabbed him up and hugged him. One that surprised even him. Colton could only pat his shoulder blades and mutter into his chest, “I know. I know. It’s great to see you too.” Xander pulled back and wanted to say something but wasn’t sure what to say, but he didn’t have to.

“Not the way I would have wanted to meet him, but you could have done worse.”

Xander punched him in the arm and was felt a sense of pride when Colton winced a little in pain. Then he reminded himself to be careful. Pandora’s box was now open.

“This is crazy. Colton, for real, what is going on.”

Colton sighed walked away from Kevin and the van and leaned against the door of one of the units. “Look, she wants to tell you. I don’t even know all of it myself, but what I do know is that she had known for a while.”

His mind began to calculate the scenarios and possibilities in which Colton would have told. The Calculations must have shown on his face because Colton grabbed the back of his head and touched his forehead to his. “It’s fine, Zan.” Xander had to put both hands out to brace himself from falling into him. Without realizing it, he took a deep breath and, it smelled like him. He exhaled, he had missed that smell. Colton must have been thinking the same thing because he didn’t speak and then he gently pushed him back and said, “Well, it’s not fine,” dryly, “but it's not what you think.”